#24 Independence of Mind

“Independence of mind or strength of character is rarely found among those who cannot be confident that they will make their way by their own effort.” -F A Hayek

And that my friends is exactly where we are today. If you look around and find yourself baffled by the sheer magnitude of detachment from reality, look no further than the words of Hayek.

Hayek knew that a free and prosperous society depends on man’s ability to make his own way in the world. Individuals that need not depend on governments for their subsistence are dangerous to regimes that seek to expand their tendrils of influence. It’s no wonder at all why populist narratives are detached from reality. To borrow from Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, the “brute force of the hammer” has been directed at the foundations of liberty.

As we’ve discussed previously, the asset inflation ponzi serves only to continually stratify the wealth distribution in the Western World and this shows no signs of abating.

With every new dollar printed, with every toxic collateral swap, with every ounce of capital redirected by the state, the people without the means to make a way for themselves in life grow more disparate from reality. More willing to accept absurdities served to them on a silver platter, convinced that their salvation comes in the form of benevolence from the state.

You will not solve these problems politically. You will not repair a crumbling foundation with new wallpaper. You cannot change a system built on incentives without first changing those incentives. No man is better than his incentives.

Fixing this starts with independence of mind. We’ve found incredible value in our website’s ability to soft redpill, getting people to question their reality (We’d like to claim credit, but honestly this was a fluke we never expected). What exactly happened in 1971? What exactly is money? You must wake the masses from their slumber.

“Man has only one tool to fight error: reason.” -Mises

We recently discussed this concept in more detail in our podcast.


Book of the Month:

The Ethics of Money Production by Jorg Guido Huulsman

-“Legal monopolies, legal-tender laws, and the legalized suspension of payments have unwittingly become instruments of social injustice. They breed inflation, irresponsibility, and an illicit distribution of income, usually from the poor to the rich”

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